About Your First Visit

We are always eager to meet new clients and patients in our practice. We want everyone who walks through our door to feel welcome and valued. Our knowledgeable staff members are ready to answer any questions you may have. The veterinarians at Mississippi Mills Animal Hospital provide the highest quality care and treat each client and patient with the compassion and dedication they deserve.


At your first visit to Mississippi Mills Animal Hospital we will ask you to fill out a client information sheet that includes information about you as a client and information about your pet. Please bring any medical history documents such as vaccination records, spay/neuter certificate, a list of medications, and information we may need to acquire medical records. 


It is always a good idea to let your pet have a washroom break outside the clinic before your appointment, unless your pet is ill and may need to produce a urine sample for analysis. Please ask where our designated outdoor washroom area is located.


Bringing a stool sample to your appointment is a good idea. A fecal examination will help us determine if your pet is free from intestinal parasites.