As a modern society, we understand the importance of food quality in maintaining or improving our health - we know that we need to eat good quality foods in the appropriate quantity and balance for optimal health. The same applies to our pets.  Dogs and cats have different dietary needs compared to each other as well as compared to people.  To learn more about healthy food choices for your pet, please see the following articles:

General Feeding Guidelines for Dogs

General Feeding Guidelines for Cats

At Mississippi Mills Animal Hospital we offer nutritional consultations for all stages of your pet's life, from puppy or kitten all the way through to their senior years.  We also provide nutritional consultations for medical reasons, including allergies/itch, diabetes, kidney disease, urinary issues etc.

Obesity is a huge problem in our pets and is likely the most important disease in dogs and cats today.  More than 50% of cats and dogs in North America are overweight or obese.  Obesity can shorten your pet's life and increase their risk of diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and certain cancers.  Recent studies also show that overweight pets have increased pain and inflammation with arthritis.  If your pet is overweight, we CAN help!  Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians can help design a weight loss plan for your pet based on lifestyle, convenience, and your pet's individual needs.  We may recommend that your pet join Project Slim Down as a clinically proven way to get those extra pounds off.