Dairy Cattle

Dr Donald Clarke has extensive experience working with dairy producers. We understand that the industry is changing quickly and we are excited to help advise you on how to best navigate these changes. Dr Clarke stays current with available research by attending continuing education sessions and membership in the Ontario Association of Bovine Practitioners, American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the National Masitits Council.
We offer a complete range of services including reproductive ultrasound and fetal sexing in fetuses 60-90 days of gestation.  Dr Clarke is current with the lastest research on synchronization protocols but can also help with heat detection and activity monitors.  Milking routine evaluation and mastitis prevention programs are also offered.  We help you with mastitis pathogen identification whether you choose to use the DHI Mast 3 test, laboratory culturing or on-farm culturing methods.  We will work with your nutritionist, hoof trimmer and other professionals to maintain health and production.  We can also advise on cow comfort and ventilation.  Finally, we are glad to examine individual animals on either a routine or an emergency basis.  
At Mississippi Mills Animal Hospital we understand that every producer has different goals.  We will listen to your concerns and help you acheive your objectives. 

Beef Cattle

Dr Clarke's upbringing on a beef farm in Northern Ontario and work within the beef industry of Western Canada gives him a solid understanding of the beef industry. We can help both cow/calf and feedlot producers develop vaccination and reproduction programs as well as help with disease outbreak investigation. We understand the challenges of the beef industry and will work to make you profitable.
National Mastitis Council
The Diaryland Initiative
Dairy Farmers of Canada
Canadian Cattleman's Association
Journal of Dairy Science